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Configure exceptions in the hours of service

If there is a difference in your schedule for special occasions (like bank holidays, your call center will not provide service or a big sales event you will provide further hours of service), you can add exceptions to it.

To add an exception to your schedule, go to Whisbi Deck and from the top right corner hover your mouse over your name and click on “Settings“.

Once you land on the settings page click on “Edit” to enter the editing mode and click “Show advanced options“.

Below the Service Schedule you will find the Day exceptions with the exceptions you already have set up and the button to “Add exception“.

After you click to add an exception you’ll be presented with a dialog box where you will select the day of the exception and the slots of hours you want to provide service during that day.

The slots you select will be the hours of service you will provide whilst blank slots will mean no service. If you desire not to provide service, as an exception, for a specific day just leave the slots unmarked.

When you’re done click “Save changes” to finish and then “Done” at the bottom of the page.