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Configure the hours of service

Configure the hours of service

Your One-to-One service depends on a few settings working correctly. The hours of service configuration is one of the most important as it defines the time window in which your agents will be ready to receive calls. 

Depending on your Service Configuration, defined with your Customer Success Manager, you may have the following:

  • Hours of Service > This is the time you will provide service
  • Schedule > Out of working hours the Whisbi floating button in your website will still be shown with the option to book a call at a later time. Those times are also tied to the Hours of Service.

If you need to change or adjust the working hours of your service simply go to Whisbi Deck and from the top right corner hover over your name and click on “Settings“.

Under settings click on “Account Settings” and click the “Edit” button to enter the editing mode. Below you’ll find the option to “Show advanced options“.

Once the advanced options have been revealed you will see the “Service Schedule” as a table of days and hours that allows you to select the hour slots you want to provide service.

After you finish with the selection you can save the changes either at the top of the page, click on “Done editing“, or at the bottom of the page clicking the “Done” button.