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Manage teams

Your agents are always grouped into Teams.

During your Service Configuration process, you have defined what the structure of your Team (or Teams) should be.

Teams are tied to a Widget and by consequence to the seeds in it. To learn more about Widgets and Seeds and their configurations visit this article.

To see your teams go to Whisbi Deck and from the top right corner hover over your name and click on “Settings“. 

On the left side click on “Manage teams” and you’ll be presented with the list of teams with the round avatar of the agents assigned to it. Clicking on the gear icon in a team will show two options:

  • Edit team: Add or remove agents from the team. You can learn more about how to do this in this Help Center article
  • Remove team: To delete the team completely. You can see how to do so in this article.

On this page you also have the option to “Add team“. You can learn about how to create a new team by visiting this Help Center article.