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Manage the Lead Results

The Lead Results are a set of possible outcomes that can result from your agent’s interaction with your customers. At the end of a call your agents will assign the lead a category and a lead result from the Whisbi Desktop.

The lead results are grouped into three categories:

  • Sale: Sales or positive outcomes. This will vary depending on your targets.
  • No sale: Successful contacts, related to your campaign, that do not have a positive outcome.
  • Invalid: Pranks, Dropped calls, Wrong numbers or any outcome that is not related to your campaign or unsuccessfull communications.

The lead results have already been arranged during your Service Configuration process along with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. However, you may want to adjust these outcomes at any time to match your business needs.

To see, delete or change your lead results go to Whisbi Deck and from the top right corner hover the mouse over your name and click “Settings“.

On the settings page click on “Account Settings“, then enter editing mode by clicking on “Edit” and “Show advanced settings“.

Scroll down until you see Lead Qualifiers with the “Lead results manager” button. Once you click on it a dialog window will open with the three tabs corresponding to the three categories.

After you type the new result in the category click on “Add result” and “Save changes“.

Remember to click “Done” at the end of the page as soon as you finish all the settings.