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Manage your legal agreements

Meeting all the legal requirements is a priority for us so we’ve enabled two different ways to request the user’s agreement to treat their personal data.

Depending on the country you work with, you can choose between the standard privacy policy checkbox, or the two-step legal agreement that complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which allows you to present mandatory and optional legal agreements based on your needs.
In order to enable and present your legal agreements, please contact your dedicated customer success manager, who will ask you for the following information:

For the Standard type:

  • Content: the content of the legal agreement, or a URL to a site which contains the legal agreement text.

For the GDPR type:

  • Legal reference: A unique identifier for the legal agreements you are providing. This reference will be used to present your legal agreements inside the Widget.
  • Content: The content of the mandatory legal agreement and the content of each optional legal agreement.
  • Link: For each legal agreement, the URL that will be opened if the user wants to get more information. On the mandatory legal agreements you will find it under the “data protection policy” link. On the optional legal agreements you will find it under the “More info” link.
  • Is Optional: Clearly specify which of these legal agreements is the mandatory one, and which are optional.
  • Order: If you are providing optional legal agreements you are able to determine in which order you want to present them

This is how a mandatory legal agreement looks like:

This is how an optional legal agreement looks like: