Manage your Seeds and Widgets

When setting up the service with your Implementation Engineer, during onboarding, the initial configuration of Widgets and Seeds will be defined and implemented.

A seed is a personalized javascript code that your company will place on your website for the following purposes:

  • Launch a Whisbi One-to-One button that will then allow customers to request calls or chats
  • Trace what your web visitors do (i.e.: when the javascript is loaded on the browser, when they click on it and when they request the call, etc)

 From Whisbi Deck you can assign properties to your seeds for better identification in the Whisbi Deck Reports. These properties are:

  • Name
  • Channel
  • Agency


Widgets on the other hand, are a group of Seeds that have different configurations that affect each one of their Seeds.

Which teams should handle the requests on this Widget.

Lead Life:
How many days a lead can remain valid before it expires.

Max interactions:
How many attempts can be made to contact a customer.

The url that will be used is an embebbed CRM in Whisbi Desktop. This is for your agents to categorize the calls and fill out any information about the caller and the transactions made. This configuration must not be modified by anyone except Whisbi technicians.

Balance method:
If you have more than one team assigned to your Widget you will need to select a method for the call distribution before it reaches your team's telephony system. There are currently 3 methods:

  • Round robin: Calls are homogeneously distributed between your teams.
  • Overflow: Each one of your teams will have a priority (the lowest number being the highest priority). When the team with the highest priority has no available agents, calls will be sent to the following team.
  • Max availability: Calls will be sent to the team that has the most available agents.


Additionaly, all the seeds within a Widget will share a common interface: colors, texts and other visual elements throughout the experience (floating button, landing page or lightbox).

To view your Widgets go to Whisbi Deck and from the top right corner hover over your name and click on "Settings". 

Some description

On the left side click on Account Settings and at the bottom you will see the list of Widgets. Click on the gear icon located on the right side and then "View Widget"

Some description

You can also edit the Seeds under your Widget by clicking on the "Edit" button on the right side.

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