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Filter your Overview

Whisbi Deck Overview has two ways of filtering the information you see across the different graphics, either by KPIs or by Time period.

By default all the filters are ticked and the time period will be “Today”.


Located on the left side you have a list of automatic and custom filters.

The automatic filters are:

My Account: The account filter lets you jump from the One-to-One to One-To-Many or to your different accounts depending on the structure your Service has.

Presenter: It displays all your Live presenters. 

The custom filters are: 

Widgets: Are the One-to-Many channels where your Live presenters are going to broadcast. Learn more about this by visiting this article.

Seeds: Are the javascript codes of a Widget that you can name after their placement, for example your Home page and the product page of a single product or topic. Learn more about this by visiting this article.

Channels: Are defined by your per seed from a drop down menu. Learn more about this by visiting this article.The custom filters are:Channels: This filter has been defined by you in the Seed’s configuration. You can review how to change it by visiting this article.Product Advertised: This filter it a way to identify Seeds that belong to a same product and has been defined with your Customer Sucess Manager during your initial setup. 

Time Period:

Located at the top right of the screen you can filter the data displayed in your Overview either to see Today, This week, This month or you can also select a time period.