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Performance Timeline

For the KPIs filtered and for the time frame you have selected you also have a Performance Timeline to break down the status of your requests and your converstion rate by hour.

If the time range selected is grater than one day you also have the option to select by days of the week of by the range selected.

The data shown is the following:

Leads: All the requests that have a valid phone number or chat requests that have been opened successfully.

Valid Leads: A lead is considered valid when an agent has finished a session and has categorized the call as either No Sale or Sale.

Sales: All the Leads that are categorized in the Sale category at the end of a session.

Smart Landings: All the requests that can not be assisted by an agent due to lack of availability at the time. Learn more about Smart Landings in this Help Center article.

Conversion rate: The conversion rate gives you an idea of how well your campaign is selling by dividing the number of sales by the number of leads