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Smart Landings and Service Quality

Your Whisbi One-to-One Widget is designed to show contextual screens for the different stages at which your web viewers will be. In a regular set up those stages are:

  • The floating or fixed button
  • The contact request form (Video Chat or Video Call)
  • “We are calling you” screen
  • The Whisbi room where your customers will interact with your agents

However, there’s another screen for those times when all your agents are either in “busy” mode or already in a session with another customer. This screen is the Smart Landing which will show the message that all the agent’s are busy at the moment. The option to try again, by going to the contact request form, or to cancel the request will be available.

In Whisbi Deck Overview there are two places that the Smart Landings information is shown, The Performance Timeline (learn more by visiting this Help Center article) and also at the bottom of the page:

The red box shows the amount of Smart Landings for the KPIs filtered and the Time range selected. The black box shows the percentage which is calculated by dividing the number of requests by the number of requests plus Smart Landings.
According to our experts, a 10% of SmartLandings would mean your Call Center is correctly staffed. 

Service Quality is calculated by dividing the total number of assisted calls by the number of received calls. A call is considered when a customer requests a call, picks up and stays for at least 10 seconds, while assisted calls are when the session on Desktop is opened by the agent.

The service quality will be affected negatively by those calls in which the customer picks up but no Whisbi Desktop session has been opened. You can identify these calls by their automatic outcome:

  • w Agent did not answer
  • w Customer left while waiting in queue

If you wish to see the full list of automatic outcomes visit this Help Center document.