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Your agent’s availability

Your One-to-One service is designed to work flawlessly by checking in real time your agent’s availability.

After logging in, an agent can be:

  • Connected: Your agent has logged in but has not selected any team to receive requests
  • Available: Your agent has logged in and at least 1 Team has been selected to receive requests
  • Busy (or Do Not Disturb): Your agent is logged in but is in busy mode which will not allow new requests to come in.

If your agents are connected to a Team, its availability will count as one for that Team. However, if your agent is connected to more than one Team it will count as 1 available agent per team.

To know how many agents are available per team make sure you only select the one you want. You can deselect all your teams at once by clicking the gear icon on the right and then “Deselect All”