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Reports overview

Whisbi Deck offers an in depth reporting tool to analyze every aspect of your campaign performance.

As soon as you land on Whisbi Deck and click on “Reports” you will be presented with a Reports overview

On this page you can filter by time period (with the buttons on the top right corner) to see the two blocks of information:

The Timeline displays day by day the following:

  • Total Viewers: Number of viewers for all your sessions.
  • Active viewers: Viewers that have put their names in the One-to-Many widget.
  • Engaged viewers: Viewers that have watched the broadcast for more than 180 seconds. 

Additionally you will have a detailed log of:

  • Broadcast time
  • Viewers
  • Engaged viewers
  • % Engaged
  • Active viewers
  • Questions
  • Questions per minute
  • Average Viewing time
  • Total time viewed
  • Likes
  • % Likes

This log can be downloaded either to an Excel or PDF file.