Engage Solution: AdSpaces

AdSpaces empowers brand managers to display advertisement space within a broadcast to promote. At its core, AdSpaces is a customization tool that allows for customized adverts with customizable call to actions

Within Backstage, Brand Managers can create, edit, and delete AdSpaces to be displayed during broadcast. Two different types of AdSpaces exist: Banner & Banner with Carousel.

In AdSpaces Banner, you will need to fill in a series of fields including:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Image URL. Please note that the size of this Image URL for the banner needs to be 45×70 pixels.
  4. Destination URL

The User Interface within Backstage also shows you how the banner will look like during broadcast.

In AdSpaces Banner with Carousel, you will need to fill in the same fields as with AdSpaces Banner. In addition, the feature allows you to add as many items as you wish with clear call to actions, which will be shown in a carousel during broadcast. Each of these Items has its own series of fields to fill out.

Please note that the Image URL for the carousel items need to be of size 156×150 pixels.