Whitelist URLs

Browsers like Safari and Chrome use content blocking functionalities to improve the experience of the user. We have identified that in some cases it is needed to whitelist the URLs used by the Engage Widget in order to display and experience the full Broadcast experience.

See below the URLs to be whitelisted to experience the full Broadcast experience on your website.

Note: For some companies those URLs have to be whitelisted in the Content Security Policy.

URLProvider + definition
https://api.whisbi.comAPI of Whisbi
https://uswest1-api.whisbi.com/API of Whisbi in North/South-America
https://eucentral1-api.whisbi.comAPI of Whisbi in Europe
https://widget.whisbi.comWidget of Whisbi (end-user experience)
https://uswest1-widget.whisbi.comWidget of Whisbi in North/South-America (end-user experience)
https://eucentral1-widget.whisbi.com/Widget of Whisbi in Europe (end-user experience)
https://www.google-analytics.comGoogle Analytics (Tracking)
https://cdnjs.cloudflare.comCloudflare (Domain hosting provider)
https://library.whisbi.comJavaScript Library (Development library)
https://fonts.googleapis.comGoogle Fonts (Font management)
https://fonts.gstatic.comGoogle Fonts (Font management)
https://awseukpi.whisbi.comAmazon Web Services (Server hosting)
https://nupload.whisbi.comSwagger (API management)
https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.comAmazon Web Services (User avatars)
http://ssl.p.jwpcdn.comJW Player (Video player)
http://prd.jwpltx.comJW Player (Video player)
http://awseurtv3.whisbi.comAmazon Web Services (Blurred background)
http://streaming.whisbi.comWowza Streaming Engine (Streaming server)