Activation button


The goal of the Engage solution is to engage website visitors into viewers and potential customers or leads. The Engage solution makes use of live video engagement to attract website visitors. 


The main goal for many of our clients is to increase the number of viewers and to engage website visitors. Our clients want to experiment with different visuals and text in order to increase the click-through rates. 


We want to make use of our core strength, which is live video engagement. We want to use video in an earlier stage of the user experience to make website visitors aware of live streaming events with the goal of increasing the click-through rates and the number of viewers. 


  • Border radius primary button: pixels
  • Primary button: copy, copy colour and button colour
  • Description: copy and colour
  • Background colour: light or dark mode
  • Live label: copy and colour


  • Choose between the current (bubble button) and the new variant (activation button) on desktop and mobile (different configurations). See here:
  • Choose between a playing video and a static image (public URL). Requirements: Image aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9, Supported formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, Max. file size: 1 MB, Minimum resolution: 600×450.
  • Choose between the left or right alignment of the button and the widget

Notes on the user experience:

  • When clicking on the CTA/Primary button you will open the enlarged Broadcast widget 
  • When clicking on ‘X’ you will hide the button of Whisbi. Only reloading or navigating to a different page with Whisbi Engage installed will open up the button of Whisbi again
  • When closing the Broadcast widget, the button won’t appear again (up until refreshing or navigating to a different page with Whisbi Engage installed)
  • On Mobile, the button takes up max. 50% of the width of the screen
  • It is possible to use different button variants on Mobile and Desktop