Blurred background


Live videos are known for engaging content and interactions with the audience. Various live video platforms experiment with different solutions to engage the audience even more.

Online videos are often displayed with black boxes or areas around the video to give more focus to the video. In some cases, the online videos are displayed with a blurred background to increase the screen size for the viewer.


The problem with online videos is that the video almost never fits the whole screen and therefore, has a lot of unused space on the screen.


We make the unused space on the screen useful by displaying a blurred background of the foreground content that makes it more engaging for the viewer to watch the live video.

Limitations and requirements

  • The feature is turned off by default in the app
  • The feature is by default available in the service configuration
  • The setting is remembered per device until you remove the application from the device
  • The feature works with Mobile, Web, and HD quality
  • The enabled feature adds approximately 20% extra bandwidth to the required bandwidth of the stream itself

Getting started

  1. Make sure that you have the Broadcast Android app installed
  2. Log in to the application with your login details
  3. Go to ‘Settings’ in the bottom left corner
  4. Click on the ‘Configuration’ tab
  5. Scroll to ‘Enable blurred Background’ and toggle it on

6. Once you start a broadcast with the same device and the enabled setting, the blurred background will display on the viewer side (Broadcast Widget)