Filter Overview

Whisbi Analytics has four different types of filters you can choose from in order to showcase the different graphics accordingly. They are Time period, Dashboard Selector, Campaign Selector, and Filters.

1. Time Period:

There are five different Time Period filters, including:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This week
  • This Month
  • Custom

Note: For each Time Period, except for Custom, the funnel will display a comparative metric in percentage points that shows how well the account is peforming compared to the previous period selected. For example, if the Time Period selected is This Week, the funnel will also show how well the selected account is performing compared to last week.

2. Dashboard Selector

Dashboard Selector allows you to select between the different types of dashboards associated with your account. By default all users have access to Sell & Engage Dashboards.

3. Filters

Whibi Analytics also allows you to set extra filters, specific to Engage accounts to better understand how your account(s) is performing. These extra filters include:

  • Channel: This filter shows from which channel the web visitor landed on your page with the Whisbi Widget. For example via newsletter, Social Media, Direct traffic, amongst others.
  • Seed: This filter shows on which specific page the web visitor landed on.
  • Widget: The name assigned to a given Whisbi Widget.