What is Backstage

Backstage by Whisbi is a tool that allows you to monitor performance, customize service features, and configure team organization. It is designed to be simple, reliable and maleable to fit your business needs.

At its core, Backstage aims to provide its users with relevant information in their respective campaigns and provide the control to make changes where needed.

Backstage Logins

There exists two options to log-in to Backstage:

  1. Log-in with email & password
  2. Log-in via Google Authenticator

Backstage Navigation Bar

Backstage has a navigation bar on the left which consists of different sections. Users navigate through these sections to display performance data and change configurations depending on their level of accessibilitiy.

The different sections of the navigation bar are as follows:

  1. Dashboards & Reports: In this section you can track your campaign performances.
  2. Teams: In this section you can organize your teams, adding and removing users for the selected campaign.
  3. Users: In this section you can see and manage all users associated with the selected campaign. 
  4. Service Configuration: In this section you can enable, disable, and customize Whisbi features. For more information click here.
  5. Account Settings: In this section you can configure service schedule, leads results, blacklist phone numbers, forbidden words. For more information click here.
  6. Help Center: In this section you can find all the info you need about Whisbi in our Help Center.
  7. My Profile: In this section you can manage your user profile information.