Take your notes during the session and access them anytime


Agents often receive a lot of information from customers during every session. They enter relevant data into dedicated fields but there often more details useful after the session which should be captured during the call.


Agents have to use external tools to capture important details once being on the call with the client. They need to switch between windows and make sure that the text is properly saved during the call. Finally, they need to search through text files to retrieve relevant information which makes the whole process not efficient.


Embedded notes in the Sales Assistant allows the agent to capture and write down relevant information quickly and easily during the call with the customer. The auto-saving mechanism guarantees that data is saved persistently and the content is accessible any time during and after the session.

How to use notes?

1. Log in to the Agent by Whisbi on iOS
2. Click on the “Notes” tab

3. Click on “Add Note” button to add a new note

4. Start writing your note in this view below:

5. The notes are automatically saving while typing. Once the note is saved it will say ‘saved’ below the title. From here you can close the saved note. 

6. After clicking the ‘close’ button the overview of notes will appear:

7. Clicking on the three dots on the right of a note will open the settings screen where you can edit or delete a note:

8. Clicking on ‘Edit’ will open the edit note screen:

9. Clicking on delete will prompt a confirmation to be sure of your deletion: