Performing widget


The widget is the first and essential touchpoint for any Whisbi experience, hence the visitor needs to see the widget quickly. Google studies show that “53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than 3 seconds to load.”


If the widget is not displayed quickly, brands cannot connect to visitors with Whisbi as soon as they land on their website which can lead to missed opportunities.

Furthermore, page speed impacts the ranking performance of a website.


We have optimised the files to be loaded in order to reduce the weight of the widget at loading time and improve its performance.

Technical information

The weight of the Widget, loaded initially, has been reduced from 3,8Mb to 1,7Mb thanks to several actions we have performed:

  • Optimised the CSS and Sass imports ( removing some fonts, icons, extension)
  • Removed modules and code from initial load
  • Reduced style.bundle size
  • Deactivated common chunk