Phone calls


The concept for the Whisbi Agent as a Google Chrome extension started from a call centre. In a call centre, the phone is part of the agents’ working desk and often the only way to close a sale for an agent is through a phone call. COVID-19 moved parts of the sales conversations to retail shops, car dealerships, and remote agent locations.


The problem of the movement of sales conversations to retail shops, car dealerships, and remote agent locations is that the agent needs to have a flexible working system. The agents’ work becomes less predictable and requires flexibility, where a sales agent in a retail shop needs to physically attend customers in the store and close online sales through the phone at the same time due to the decisions of managers to reduce operational costs.


A sales agent can start a session with an online customer and close the sale within a few minutes while everything happens from the same device.

Status bar

In the centre part of the agent interface, the call bar status is fully visible for the agent. The states could be reflected in two colours:

  • Grey
    • No call yet
    • Call ended
  • Green – on a call (telephone number included)

How to pick up an incoming call?

1. A call will be requested on the landing page by the client

2. The call starts blinking in green in the ‘requests’ tab

3. Click on the request to start connecting…

4. The telephony system starts calling the customer

5. If the customer picks up the phone, the telephony system is calling you (the agent)

6. The phone call screen appears on top of the Agent iOS app

7. If you accept the call, the call status bar turns green and the session connects