PIN inbound


Call Centers are handling high volumes of calls at the same time. To be able to handle the high volume of calls, enterprise companies use lead distribution systems to distribute calls to specific agents. Whisbi support three different lead distribution systems:

  • PIN Inbound – the request is automatically distributed to an available agent. The agent who answers the phone call will be provided with a 5-digit PIN-code, this PIN-code connects the agent with the customer session.
  • CTI Integration – is the extension to PIN Inbound. The request is automatically distributed to an available agent. An agent has to answer the phone. The session starts automatically right after bridging the call, an agent does not need to provide a PIN.
  • LDS – the request is distributed to all agents at once and each agent can pick up an incoming request to start a session with a customer.


PIN Inbound configuration is not supported in the new Assistant Sales platform.


PIN Inbound is fully supported by the new Sales Assistant product. Calls are received in the same way as before with a new interface to enter the PIN.

How to use PIN inbound in the Agent by Whisbi iOS app?

1. Log in to the Agent by Whisbi on iOS
2. In the request tab, you will see the field for PIN inbound.

3. Fill in the PIN code that you hear from the phone call

4. If the PIN is correct. The session and call with the customer will be bridged.