PIN outbound – Agent Android


Sales assistant allows visitors to interact directly with sales agents through voice, video, or chat. A session is carried on by a phone call and the video is transmitted to the widget placed on the website. Both parts are essential for effective communication. Video allows agents to easily be empathetic and personalized during the sales process. Visitors, on the other hand, can get a good impression of a product before buying it.


Sometimes a widget with the video is not available for a customer so that the session is carried on only by a phone call and misses all advantages of the video tools.

Business cases that make PIN Outbound necessary because the session was not started from a widget:

  1. An agent does an outbound call using their own phone and wants to use Whisbi to share video
  2. An agent is calling a new lead (phone number) for the first time using Whisbi to schedule the call
  3. An agent is calling an existing lead (phone number) proactively through Whisbi, using scheduled call
  4. A visitor sent a request but has left the website before receiving a call
  5. The call was scheduled for another time 
  6. Agent or customer did not pick up the phone and the session was postponed 
  7. All agents were busy and the customer has booked a call using the form in the widget


The Enter PIN feature allows an agent to launch the widget on the customer’s computer and share video anytime during the session for all kinds of calls. A  customer just needs to open the website, search for the PIN code displayed at the left bottom corner, and spell it to the agent through the phone call. 

How to use it as an agent?

  • Log in to the Agent by Whisbi on Android
  • When a session is opened you can enable sharing tools: 

  • After clicking ‘Enable sharing (PIN)’ you will see the pop-up where you can enter the PIN: 

  • Enter the PIN and click on ‘Enable Sharing Tools’: 

  • A loading screen will appear to verify the PIN code: 

  • If the PIN is incorrect you will see the following error message: 

  • If the PIN is correct, the sharing tools will be enabled and the following alert will show: