Pods are standalone components which bring known Widget functionalities outside of it. That means that a client can now decide to for example Broadcast her content (Engage experience) without having the entire Whisbi Widget on her Website, but only the Engage Pod.

Starting with Engage experience, we intend to offer this innovative way of boosting your sales and personalising your brand experience for every existing standalone Whisbi feature. A feature is defined as a standalone if a viable business use-case can be made out of it alone.

Technical Explanation

Every Pod has its own interface that is responsive and brandable, offering fully encapsulated and independent micro experiences. Each Pod’s code is fully encapsulated and self-contained, which means that it can be more efficiently and more organically embedded in any content, anywhere in your webpage. The frontend components can be replicated in platform as many time as needed, while using the same backend. That means that once created with the help of our Technical implementation team, the Engage Pod can be replicated in as many visual styles as you want, using our Theme creator.

Finally, tracking of specific key user interactions to gain more insight into the customer journey and help decision making is provided as well.

How to activate your Engage Pod?

We made sure that the experience doesn’t change much on your side, which is why the process of activating the Engage solution stays the same. That means you will still need either an iOS or an Android device, with respective Broadcast application installed on it. However from this point on, depending on the role that was assigned to you in our Backstage tool (currently available only for Whisbi and Brand Admins), you get access to an entirely new Pods section which includes a Theme creator.