Presenter mode

‘Keep control of your brand image while the number of broadcast viewers increases’

Open live-broadcasting platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram can be used by one device or log in. Once the camera device starts the broadcast and a lot of viewers are connecting it becomes hard to professionally manage all the incoming requests and questions through the same camera device.

Presenter view


Losing the control of brand values and communication during a broadcast when one presenter or camera operator is trying to run all the aspects of a live broadcast while needing to answer lots of questions at the same time on the same device, negatively impacts the professionalism, viewer engagement, and brand image.


Sign in with multiple users or devices in order to manage or moderate all incoming questions and to control and focus on the brand values that will have a positive impact on your brand image.

How does it work?

The camera operator starts the broadcast first, then the other users can join when they have the same channel configured or if they use the same login and same channel by clicking ‘Start broadcast’ they will join the broadcast as a presenter/moderator/spectator. 

  1. Camera operator logs in
  2. The presenter/moderator/spectator logs in
  3. Camera operator clicks on ‘start broadcast’
  4. The presenter/moderator/spectator clicks on ‘start broadcast’ and will join in the presenter mode. 


  • Don’t use the same login in different channels. You can only use the same login within the same channel.
  • When using different logins within the same channel, make sure to choose the same channel to join the same broadcast. Click on ‘Start broadcast’ to join the broadcast.
  • The limit of users joining the broadcast as a moderator/spectator or presenter is 8.
  • This feature does not have any geographical limitations.