Requests – Agent Android

The requests tab is only available to customers with LDS (Lead Distribution System).


A sales agent needs to make important decisions about what phone call, customer chat, or physical client meeting in a store gets priority.


The agent has several ways of receiving a request from a customer like direct phone calls, outbound phone calls, Whisbi phone calls, customer chats, or physical client meetings.


To make it as easy as possible for an agent to have an overview of the incoming online client requests we developed the requests tab. The requests tab makes it easier to prioritize and oversee the incoming chat requests, scheduled calls, and incoming calls through the Whisbi platform.

A real-time incoming phone call or chat request will blink green for 20 seconds so that the agent is aware of the recency of the phone call.

What are the types of requests?

  • Incoming phone calls (if phone calls are enabled in the clients’ setup).
  • Scheduled phone calls (if scheduled calls are enabled in the clients’ setup).
  • Incoming chat requests (if chat is enabled in the clients’ setup).

How are the requests displayed?

The requests are sorted by time, so a request that is scheduled for now will be displayed on top of the list. However, when a request or lead expires, it will be displayed on top of the ‘now’ calls.

Scheduled calls will only become visible within 30 minutes of the scheduled date and time.

The requests tab functions as the home screen of the Android app, so when you log in to the Agent by Whisbi Android app the first screen is the overview of the requests. See below a picture of an incoming call and a scheduled call in the requests tab: