Schedule automated calls to your customers


One of the most challenging parts of lead generation is keeping prospects engaged during the sales process. Some prospects might show some interest at the start and then decide they don’t want to make a purchase at the moment. Some will show interest and enquire further about products then you’ll never hear from them again. Some may enquire and ignore all your attempts at communication.


The automatic calls back are not easily configurable by Whisbi Administrator. There is a need for specific technical knowledge and development skills to be able to change the configuration of the Call me back function.


Whisbi offers a configuration service that allows configuring the automatically scheduled Call to the customer that would be triggered after a certain event occurs during the sales process and the defined amount of time passed since the event happened.

The automatic call will be triggered after a defined time from the occurrence of the selected event

For LDS configuration the automatic call is represented by the “Scheduled call” request displayed on the Request List. It is up to the agent if the call will be started at the planned time. The scheduled call is displayed on the list if there is less than 30 min to start the call.

Automated call example


The configuration works only for events that do not close the lead. The call will not be triggered if the lead was closed.