Schedule Outbound Call


Call centers are known for their dynamic environments because of the sales mentality and the various teams and departments that need to work together closely. Call center/Agent managers often get lists of leads and customers that need to be followed upon, these lists are distributed between the various departments.


The Whisbi Agent has proven its success to increase the conversion rate of an agent by using the available sharing tools in a session with the customer. In the past, there was no option for an agent to make an outbound call through the Whisbi Agent. As a result, calls were made outside of the Whisbi system, therefore, not tracked and a decrease in agent performance because of a drop in conversion rates.


Schedule a call now to be able to start a call with a lead or customer through the Whisbi Agent.

How does it work?

  1. Click ‘Open Session’ to open a session with a lead or customer
  2. Fill in the phone number of the lead or customer that you are planning to call. An alert will be displayed if the phone number is incorrect.
  3. Click ‘Open Session’
  4. Verify your team and campaign and click on ‘OK’
  5. Click on ‘Schedule Call’ to schedule a call with the lead or customer that you opened a session with.
  6. Click on ‘Schedule for Now’ to schedule and make the call now.
  7. Click on ‘End Session’ and the ‘Scheduled call for now’ will appear in the request tab.
  8. Click on the request of the scheduled call that you just created to call the customer.

Take a look at the visual flow to see the workflow in action: