Sell Lite – telephony via mobile using agent’s phone line – compatible with Agent Chrome


Sell solutions enable online customers to have real-time conversations with your sales team every time they visit your website.

Whisbi uses its own telephony automation system to connect calls between agent and customer. The integration is very useful for enterprises, especially for customers who have their own call centers.


With Sell Lite, agents can use their own mobile phone to make a call and combine it with the Whisbi session by using Agent mobile app. Sometimes is handier to use the Desktop version for sharing tools e.g. the agent’s camera.


Sell Lite configuration is now fully compatible with Chrome agent. You can see the list of incoming requests in the non-clickable version with a hint on how to proceed. The session can only be started from the Agent’s mobile application running on mobile devices with a SIM card. After establishing the dial-up connection, the agent can switch to the Chrome Agent at any time.

How does it work?

  1. Log in To Agent Chrome
  2. You can see the list of requests but you cannot start the session.
  3. Go to the Agent mobile app to start the session by following the steps described in this article:
  4. You can switch to Agent Chrome anytime you want by following the steps described in this article: