Sell Solution: Whisbi Agent

What is it?

The Whisbi Agent interface provides our enterprise customers with an assisted sales solution that combines a voice channel with video and image sharing, as well as instant messaging. This combination of rich live interactions is what customers commonly refer to as the “Whisbi channel.”

What can you do with it?

Our customers frequently use our Whisbi Agent interface to provide live sales help from enterprise contact centers, brick-and-mortar retail locations, and showrooms. End users are put in contact with agents directly from the enterprise customers’ website. The principle technical value we serve as a solution is that we connect end-users to sales agents across voice, video and instant messaging channels directly in the browser with no plugins, no installations, no apps, etc.

Whisbi Agent in Backstage allows administrators to set up the Whisbi Agent interface without changing the code.

How to get started?

To access this tool, navigate to the Service Configuration section and click on the icon for Whisbi Agent.

There you will see two sections, one for the Agent Interface and another for Lead Management. At the same time you can also pick which Call Center to configure for those agents connected to it.