Sell Solutions: Agent Interface

Agent Interface section in Backstage allows you to set up the Whisbi Agent interface without changing the code.

The following screen shots show all the different configuration options available in Backstage for the Agent Interface, and what these configurations visually translate to in the Agent Monitor Solution. The following modules are available in Backstage for Agent Monitor:

Agent Information

Agent Information allows for the agent to show their status availability, availability timer, and webcam.

Sharing Tools

Sharing tools allows for the agent to share their showroom, gallery button, and website during calls.

Call Status

Call satus module allows for the agent to mute and hang up during calls.

Start Session & Notifications

Start Session and Notification allows the agent to begin a session as well as receive notifications in their profile section.

Session Management

Session Management allows for the agent to schedule a call, as well as enable sharing via PIN confirmation.

Tabs Module

Tabs module allows for the agent to receive requests, capture data, enable chat, bookmarks, and notes.