Service configuration is the section where you can enable, disable, and customize Whisbi features. 

You can manage configuration for our different products, including Sell, Guide, and Engage as well as change legal agreements of the widget when needed.

When clicking on Service Configuration in the Backstage navigation bar you will be able to configure your campaign settings depending on the selected campaign from the selector at the top left. Depending on the campaign selected, you will have different settings to configure.

For Sell & Guide Campaigns:

Here you can see 2 separate tabs. The first one is consisting of following items:

  1. Conversation Tree
  2. Whisbi Agent
  3. Legal Agreements

The second tab consists of general credential settings for the customer, the most important ones being:

  1. Credentials
  2. Single Sign-On option. Please find more details on Single Sign-On option here.

For Engage Campaigns:

  1. Adspaces
  2. Settings & Preferences
  3. Legal Agreements