Service configuration is the section where you can enable, disable, and customize Whisbi features. 

You can manage configuration for our different products, including Sell, Guide, and Engage as well as change legal agreements of the widget when needed.

When clicking on Service Configuration in the Backstage navigation bar you will see all the accounts your user has access to. In each of those accounts, you will be able to see a list of all the campaigns associated with that account, and in turn configure your settings for them.

The below screenshot shows the accounts for T21 Pedram test, and inside the test account there exists two different campaigns, one in green for Engage solution, and the other in red for Sell and Guide solutions.

As you click on the campaign, you will see the different configurations you can set-up for the different solutions.

In red for Sell & Guide they are:

  1. Whisbi Agent
  2. Legal Agreements

In green for Engage they are:

  1. Adspaces
  2. Settings & Preferences
  3. Legal Agreements