Share gallery – Agent Android

Share professional pictures and offers via gallery using preloaded photos


Agents often have access to professional materials prepared by the marketing team. This is often powerful content that helps the agent to present the product value and make the sales process more effective.


  • Agents are unable to explain with only words the value of their product.
  • Agents find it hard to keep the customer on track when explaining complicated product features. 


  • Agents can use their teams’ marketing expertise to further engage with the customer by sharing professional marketing photos during a call.
  • The share Gallery feature will also allow the agent to support its oral statements with visual pictures presenting the value of the product to the customer

How to use it?

  • Log in to Whisbi Agent
  • When you are in the session with a customer, click on ‘Share Gallery’: 

  • Select a photo and click on ‘Share Gallery’ to share the photo with the customer: 

  • Click ‘Stop Sharing Gallery’ to stop sharing