Share Webcam – full size video experience in widget


Customer experience is greatly enhanced by real-time, direct and personal experience. Video allows for highly personalized sales process, allowing agents to be empathetic through body language and facial expressions.


In the past, the widget was not fully utilized to display the Agent view, having different configurations such as blurred background or the small size of the agent video in circle format.


There is a new default configuration available that allows Agent video to be displayed in full size of the widget, making the real-time video conversation even more realistic and beneficial.

How to configure?

It is automatically configured for everyone. If you’re having any issues, please talk to your Customer Success Manager or send an e-mail to

Web camera settings comparison:

Widget view without chat:

Full-widget size of the agent video without chat:

Widget view with chat:

Full-widget size of the agent video with chat:

End-user workflow:

  1. End-user clicks on the call to action on your website.
  2. End-user chooses to be connected to an agent
  3. End-user chooses to be connected to an agent right away
  4. The user waits for an agent to answer
  5. When an agent’s camera is turned off. The end-user sees the avatar of the agent
  6. The agent has turned on their webcam. End-user sees a full-size video of the agent and can open the chat

  7. End-user has opened the chat
  8. Call ended, end-user answers customer survey
  9. End-user can continue to browse on your website