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Use the front camera on your iOS-device to communicate with your customer more efficiently 


Customer experience is greatly enhanced by real-time, direct and personal experience. Video allows agents to easily be empathetic and personalised during the sales process, through body language and facial expression.


In previous software versions of the agent UI, the webcam feature did not provide an impression of reliability to the agent: 

  1. The agent was never sure when it was on or off, or the rules governing the behaviour. 
  2. It was not possible to check what the webcam would show prior to starting a customer session.
  3. Webcam streaming to the customer was often unpredictable due to inefficient usage of data.


The webcam feature now has clear rules governing on and off behaviour.

Button rules

  • The webcam button has two states, on and off, that simply turn the webcam on and off at any time.

Session rules

  • The webcam can be used inside and outside of a customer session. 

Automatic behaviour rules

  • The webcam is automatically turned on at the start of a voice call.
  • The webcam is automatically turned off at the end of a voice call.
  • The webcam is automatically turned off at the end of a session.

The webcam video streaming mechanism was made more data-efficient by moving from constant video image delivery (keyframes) to delivery only when the customer received the last video image.

How to start using the webcam?

The webcam functionality can be used separately from a session or call. See below on how to turn on the webcam.