State management


Sales agents are expected to make the right choices at the right moment in the sales process and they often deal with multiple tasks at the same time.


In the sales process, a sales agent needs to think about many things at the same time, therefore, it can happen that you accidentally press a button, lock your phone or get distracted by other notifications and apps.


Improved stream state handling, for when the app goes to the background or the screen gets locked during a session with a customer or while waiting for incoming requests.

What states does the app handle?

  • Locking the screen (automatically or manually)
  • Going to the background of the phone or a different application

What does the app do to handle the state?

  • When returning to the app the app recovers the session and shows the latest screen if the agent is still in a session with a customer.
  • When returning to the app the app shows the latest screen.