User Log Manager

This section is dedicated to listing all user login activity as well as configuring your access policies. There are a few settings that you can edit to allign your business needs.

Access Policies

In this section you can configure the accessibility of your users on Backstage by defining the following:

  1. Password length
  2. Maximum password attempts
  3. Frequency of password renewals
  4. Password complexity requirements
  5. Password expiry notification
  6. Account lockout period
  7. IP Whitelist to restrict access to only trusted locations and networks

Log History

In this section you can visualize the log history of your users. You may visualize them according to the following categories:

  1. Login time
  2. User
  3. Source IP
  4. Location
  5. Source, whether Backstage, Deck, or any of Whisbi´s mobile applications
  6. Status