Video quality


Customer experience is greatly enhanced by real-time, direct, and personal experience. Video allows agents to easily be empathetic and personalized during the sales process, through body language and facial expression.


The standard video quality in combination with the full-screen format does not meet certain criteria set in the more demanding markets. On the other hand, it is necessary to keep the bandwidth requirements low to ensure smooth operation for mobile users with poor internet connections.


There is a new configuration available that allows sharing video from the agent’s camera with high quality. Combined with the full-screen video on the widget side, the real-time video conversation is even more realistic and beneficial.

How to configure?

Please talk to your Customer Success Manager or send an e-mail to


High video quality is recommended for the full-screen video configuration on the widget side with blur background.

The minimum bandwidth to maintain a smooth video for both the agent and the end-user is 105KB/sec. For standard quality video, the minimum bandwidth is 30 KB/sec.

Currently, this option is available for the Agent Chrome solution.

What is the difference?

Standard quality video (left) and high quality video (right)

Standard quality video

High-quality video