Virtual Call – Agent Android


Reports tell us that customers are becoming more reluctant to share personal data with companies.


When customers are requested to share their phone number to be able to connect with an agent, the chances of them going through with that requests decreases massively.


By introducing Virtual Call, we are removing the barriers between sales agents and customers.

By offering the option to connect through Virtual Call, customers will only need wifi or mobile data to be able to connect with an agent.  

What makes Whisbi Virtual Call different?

The ability to connect with an agent through “VoIP” without the need of replacing any equipment, Whisbi will connect the call with the voice infrastructure already in place, even at enterprise level.

Agent UI

The agent will receive a new request as usual, with only small visual differences that allow for an easier differentiation of the request type.


What does the new customer journey look like when using Virtual Call?

1 – When requesting to connect, the customers will be able to select Virtual Call

2 – Once an agent is found the customer will be able to accept or drop the Virtual Call

3 – Once the customer accepts the call the user flow will be the standard Whisbi Sell experience