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Live chat

Interact with your online customers via instant text messages


Customers often want to use several ways of communication at once including not only voice or video but also a chat. The instant text messages allow the agent to interact with online customers and assist them with their online purchases.


  1. When the agent requests customer details like email address through voice calls, the data can be wrongly captured. This causes spelling mistakes that affect lead data quality and may influence the sales process. 
  2. There is no easy and fast way for the agent either the customer to send over documents or files during the session.


  1. The chat allows sending instant text messages between the customer and the agent. Customer details can be easily captured without spelling mistakes.
  2. The customer can easily send a file during the real-time conversation.

Security measurements in a chat session:

  • When the customer sends a URL to the agent, we show the full URL to the agent to avoid wrong interpretations. The agent can then decide if he wants to open it or not.
  • When the customer sends a URL to the agent, and the agent decides to open the link, the link will always open as a new tab to avoid Whisbi Agent from quitting the window.
  • The original file title will be shared with the agent to avoid any interpretations of the file format or context.
  • There is an antivirus layer implemented which will block infected files from uploading.

How to use it?

  • Log in to Whisbi Agent
  • Click the “Chat” tab
  • Receive and write instant messages 
  • Receive attachments from your customer


The chat functionality is configurable, so make sure to coordinate the availability with your Customer Success manager.

The chat conversation