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Take new requests automatically


Agents have often a long queue of requests. Each lead has to be distributed to a specific agent so that the session may take place. The lead distribution system allows an agent to pick up the chosen request manually and start the session. The integration with CTI, however, automatizes this process. 


  1. To start the session the agent needs to spot a new request and click to pick it up which sometimes takes too much time and the customer already hung up.
  2. The agent takes responsibility for choosing the request which may lead to not optimal decisions. 
  3. The agent who first picks up the request will start the session which sometimes might be not fair towards other agents.


CTI Integration allows to fully automatize the process of lead distribution. Practically the agent is just waiting for the new call which is assigned to him by CTI mechanism. 

  1. The Agent can pick up the phone quickly as soon as he hears the signal for the new call in his headphones.
  2. The Agent does not have an impact on which request is coming so that he fully relies on the optimal distribution algorithm.
  3. Requests are spread fairly among agents 

How to use it 

  • Follow the configuration available in the link below
  • The request tab will not be visible anymore as requests are managed by CTI


  • All documentation is available here
Non LDS with CTI – no request tab