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Visit the Google Chrome Web Store to view or install the Whisbi Agent extension:

This introduction includes the table of contents for the ‘Whisbi Agent’-section in Whisbi’s help center and it contains the context, problem, and solution for the assisted sales solution of Whisbi.

  1. Introduction
  2. Get started
  3. Manage your session
  4. Agent workflow tools
  5. Use video sharing tools
  6. Integrations
  7. Manual Whisbi Agent

The Whisbi Agent interface provides our enterprise customers with an assisted sales solution that combines a voice channel with video and image sharing, as well as instant messaging. This combination of rich live interactions is what customers commonly refer to as the “Whisbi channel.”

Our customers frequently use our Whisbi Agent interface to provide live sales help from enterprise contact centers, brick-and-mortar retail locations, and showrooms. End users are put in contact with agents directly from the enterprise customers’ website. The principle technical value we serve as a solution is that we connect end-users to sales agents across voice, video and instant messaging channels directly in the browser with no plugins, no installations, no apps, etc.

Whisbi Agent replaces its legacy interface (aka Whisbi Desktop) with a well-researched user experience, designed from careful customer analysis, workflow evaluations and heavy onsite testing. Agents in several countries and different industries were consulted on needs, sales techniques, and behaviors in order to deliver an optimized and scalable interface. 

The Whisbi Agent experience aims to carry the agent through their sales workflow with a purely one-touch experience to access the most frequently used tools.

Whisbi Agent was released on December 19, 2019, and is live usage. It will continue to be optimized and evolved as a foundation solution in the Whisbi enterprise ecosystem.

Features in the new Whisbi Agent:


  • Share Webcam
  • Share Showroom
  • Share Website
  • Share Gallery


  • High visibility call requests
  • All call requests visible in a single list
  • Phone call status
  • Schedule call


  • Admin Panel
  • CTI Integration
  • Agent status

How to use the Whisbi Agent?
Use Google Chrome web browser and get the Whisbi Agent extension from the Chrome Web Store:

Open the extension and login with your credentials.

  • The extension uses the same login system as the current Whisbi Desktop, this means that you can use your current login credentials to log in.