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Handling requests


Agents often get a lot of different calls at the same time. That’s why it is important to manage all incoming requests in an efficient way so that the waiting time of the customer is minimized. 


  1. In previous software versions of the agent UI, a new request could be missed as was not visible enough for the agent.
  2. Some open leads were automatically postponed once the customer closed the web experience. Requests disappeared from the list and it was difficult to assess the total queue of waiting customers.


  1. A new request is blinking for the first 20 seconds so that the Agent is more aware of incoming calls.
  2. In the new interface, all open requests stay on the list so that it’s easy to estimate the length of the queue. This helps to minimize the waiting time for the customer. 


  • auto_scheduled_as_live: true
  • blinking time: x sec since appeared on the list (0 – no blinking effect)
All pending requests on the list