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Open session


Agents often need to register external activities for new or existing leads. Sometimes they have to wait for approvals or confirmations to complete the sales process, other times they receive external calls out of the widget.


  1. The agent can’t change results or reschedule a call for the existing lead.
  2. The agent can’t set results or schedule a call for a new lead.


The agent can open a new session and register external activities like scheduling a  call or setting results for an existing or new lead. If the phone number has been already registered in the system then the new session is opened for the existing lead. If the phone number doesn’t match with already opened lead then the new lead is created.

How to use it?

  • Log in to Whisbi Agent
  • Go to the “Request” tab
  • Click the “Start Session” button
  • Provide the phone number
  • Provide team and campaign (only if a new lead is created and the agent is assigned to more then one team or campaign)
  • Start the session without calling the customer (opens the lead)
  • Schedule a call (if needed)
  • Set the results
  • End the session (closes the lead)


  • The “Start Session” button is visible in the agent UI: True \ False