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Schedule Call


Customers are often busy and can’t talk with the agent at a certain moment but they would like to continue the conversation at another time. The agent wants to be able to plan the follow-up meeting in a suitable time for the customer.


  1. In previous software versions of the agent UI, the schedule call feature was not intuitively accessible by the agent. 
  2. Agent needed to end the session at the same time once the call was scheduled.
  3. The agent couldn’t change the result once the call was scheduled.


  1. The Schedule call feature is available for the agent for all the time during the session and the flow could be started by one click on the interface. 
  2. Agents can continue the session even after they scheduled a call.
  3. The result of the session could be set and changed anytime during the session. If the call is scheduled then the system suggests the “Scheduled” result on the top of the list.     

How to use it?

  • Log in to the Whisbi Agent
  • Start the session
  • Click the ‘Schedule call’ button
  • Provide the phone number, time and date
  • Click the ‘Schedule call’ button
  • Click ´Go back to the Session´button if you want to continue the session – you will need to set results and end the session
  • Click ´End Session´button to end the session
  • The planned call will be visible in the ‘Scheduled’ section 30 min before the scheduled call time only by the agent who booked the call
  • The system will notify all agents about the scheduled call once it’s time to call
  • To start the call, click on the “Scheduled call” request and start the session 

Manual on how to schedule a call: