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Admin Panel for Agent UI

Admin panel for the Operations Team to be able to configure, show and hide properties for interface elements


Customers often have specific needs and use only certain features of Whisbi Agent. The configuration tool allows administrators to set up the Whisbi Agent interface without changing the code. 


The configuration of the interface used to be difficult, time-consuming and required development skills. For these reasons, a customer couldn’t adjust the interface to his specific needs as the cost was too high. This made the interface not clean, less intuitive and exposed agents to making errors.


The Admin Panel allows us to hide and show interface elements almost instantly according to specific customer’s needs. The intuitive interface ensures that the Operations Team member does not need to have any development skills and can configure the interface in a few clicks. 

How to use it (for the Operations Team)

  • Log in to Whisbi Admin Workspace
  • Chose the customer
  • Chose the campaign
  • Click admin interface icon
  • Chose the call center 
  • Configure the interface
  • Click the ‘Save’ button
  • See changes on Whisbi Agent interface in few minutes
The Whisbi Agent Icon in the Admin Panel