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Share Showroom

Minimum device and OS requirements – Share Showroom:

  • The Whisbi Showroom Android app only supports the following devices: Samsung Galaxy S10, S20, S20+, Note 10, Note 10+
  • A supported device needs to run on Android 10 or later

Show products and offers via live video, using a smartphone camera or other digital cameras 


Customers don’t have a lot of time to go to the store or to do their own research on products and services they want or need. Customers also want to know how the product or service works and looks like to get a good impression of a product or before buying. Agents sell better when they can talk about the features and details while showing the product.  


  1. In previous software versions of the agent UI, the Share Showroom feature was not intuitively accessible by the agent. 
  2. The flow for the agent was complex, caused mistakes and took a long time to actually start sharing the streaming. 
  3. Streaming to the customer was often unpredictable due to the inefficient usage of data.


  1. The Share website feature is available for the agent for all the time during the session and the flow could be started by one click on the interface. 
  2. At any moment during the conversation, the Agent can quickly start sharing a video from his smartphone or any other configured camera by following a straightforward interface.
  3. The streaming mechanism was made more data-efficient by moving from constant video image delivery (keyframes) to delivery only when the customer received the last video image.

What is needed?

Agents need to install the Whisbi Showroom app on their Android smartphone to use it as a control panel for the camera. The showroom app is available on Android because most of the agent contact center devices are Android, and it is available on the Google Play store:


The video that is sent from the Showroom app to the customer is making use of the HTTPS-protocol to comply with the enterprise security standards.

How to use it ?

  • Log in to the Whisbi Agent
  • Start a session
  • Click ‘Share Showroom’ button – you will see the generated QR code
  • Open the “Whisbi Showroom” app on your Android device
  • Scan the QR code to synchronize 
  • Click the ‘Share Showroom’ button in Whisbi Agent 
  • Chose a camera, set properties and click the “Play” button in the Whisbi Showroom app to start sharing
  • Click the Stop Share Showroom in the app or in the Whisbi Agent to stop sharing


  • The Showroom tool visible in the agent UI: True \ False 
  • External camera configuration: IP, name