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Share Website

Enhance your guided selling capability in real-time with website sharing 


Customers often need assistance completing online sales journeys – for example, filling in complex forms or finding their way through configuration services to complete a sale. Agents on a voice call take pains to explain in descriptive verbal detail how to do this. The customer must rely on the agent’s descriptive capability to complete the online sale. Using website sharing, the agent can help to complete the journey while showing the customer how it is done visibly so that they become self-sufficient with online sales journeys.


  1. In previous software versions of the agent UI, the Share Website feature was not intuitively accessible by the agent 
  2. It was not possible to share the website and use the agent UI at the same time as both were placed in separate tabs in the web browser which affected the agent’s control of the session. 
  3. Streaming to the customer was often unpredictable due to the inefficient usage of data.


  1. The Share website feature is available for the agent for all the time during the session and the flow could be started by one click on the interface. 
  2. The Whisbi Agent as an extension is always available on the screen so the Agent has full control of the session during sharing.
  3. The streaming mechanism was made more data-efficient by moving from constant video image delivery (keyframes) to delivery only when the customer received the last video image.

How to use it?

  • Start a session
  • Click the “Share Website” button – you will see the preview for a customer
  • Click the “Resize for mobile” to see the mobile preview if your customer uses the mobile device
  • Open a new tab in Google Chrome and launch a website you would like to share
  • Click the “Start Sharing Website” button – your active tab in Chrome will be shared with a customer
  • Observe the final effect for your customer in the view window in the Whisbi Agent
  • Switch easily between tabs to launch another website if you need to get some extra information – your customer’s view will not be affected
  • Click the “Stop Sharing Website” button to stop sharing


  •  Share website tool visible in the agent UI: True \ False